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Our objective is to showcase the pinnacle of Indian creative expertise on a global ​scale and help you in everything you need to create your brand

Snacks and Packed Meals Boxes of Snacks Flatlay
Snacks and Packed Meals Flatlay of Packed Meals

About us

Our offerings range from graphic design and ​branding strategy to website development and ​video production. Crowd cloud has set the standa​rd for design studios as its clients collab​orate with the highest caliber of creatives, engine​ers, and ambassadors.


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What we offer

Interested in becoming one of our clients? These are all that we have in store.

Brand strategy

Brand Design

Content development

Graphic design

Web design


Video production & Editing

Reel creation

if you fit any of these

Then we can definitely help you with your design needs. Read more to find out about who we are.

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Fresh business owner or manager

Launching a new venture? Whether it's a restaurant, ​coffee shop, barber, or personal brand, we ​specialize in creating eye-catching designs to ​kickstart your brand journey.

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Starting creative or artist

Aspiring to make your mark in the creative world? Let ​us help you build a strong visual presence with our ​design expertise tailored for emerging creatives and ​artists.

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Busy professional

Short on time but need a professional touch? Our ​services cater to busy professionals seeking efficient ​and high-quality design solutions.

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Established business needing a revamp

Time for a brand refresh? We specialize in breathing ​new life into established businesses, providing a ​modern and impactful facelift.

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Our objective is to showcase the ​pinnacle of Indian creative ​expertise on a global scale.

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